Memento Park

The Memento Park is an outdoor museum in memory of the end of the communist reign in Hungary. It's main feature is the Statue Park, which consists of statues from the communist era (1946-1988). These statues stood on public places, squares, etc., and their future was a question. In the end - instead of being destroyed - they were gathered and exhibited for all to see.
Main entrance

All sights of Memento Park are open for visitors from 10 a.m. till dusk.

Tickets are valid for a single entry to all sights. Photos and videos for private use are allowed to be taken free of charge.

Entrance fee:

Adults: 1.500 HUF

Students and Budapest Card holders: 1.000 HUF


Budapest (Hungrary) 22nd district (Southern Buda), corner of Balatoni road and Szabadkai street.


Reach by public transportation:

Version "a":
From corner of Fehervari ut - Bocskai ut (Allee Shopping Mall) with bus No.150 to Campona. Start time mon-fri in every 20 minutes (10, 30, 50), sat-sun in every 30 minutes (00, 30). The ride to Memento Park is ~25 min. Day passes, BKV-tickets (300 HUF) and Budapest Card are valid.

Version "b":
From Kelenfoldi PU (Etele ter by Kelenfold Railway Station) Volanbusz Station (behind Metro 4 construction area), take the bus No. 710, 720, 721, 722 departing every 15 minutes from gate No. 7-8 to Diosd-Érd. The ride takes 10 minutes. Get off at "Memento Park" stop.
Day passes and Budapest Card are NOT valid on "Volan" buses. Tickets are available at the Volanbusz Station.

To access the corner of Fehervari ut - Bocskai ut or Kelenföldi PU (Etele ter) take one of the following means of public transportation:
To the corner of Fehervari ut and Bocskai ut: Tram No.4, 18, 41, 47, 61 
To the Kelenfoldi PU: Tram No.19, 49, Bus No.7E, No.173E.

Direct bus transfer:

Direct transfer from downtown Budapest daily at 11 a.m. (also at 3 p.m. in July and August). The bus leaves from Deák tér (accessible by Metro lines No.1, No.2 and No.3), from the bus stop that has a Memento Park sign on it. Cost is 4.500 HUF per person, for students 3.500 HU. If you order tickets with bus transfer, please be at deak square 15 minutes before 11:00.

Statue Park

By car:

The Park is located on Road No. 7 (also called No. 70 or "Balatoni út") at marker 7. (7 kilometers from the Budaörsi út "Ostapenko" intersection and 5 kilometers from the Diósd turnout of M0.)

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