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Dear Guest, welcome to the web pages of Hungaria Koncert Kft. You can find here a choice of cultural programs, city tours and other services which are available in Budapest. We have chosen only the highest standard programs and offers in the capital.
On our pages you can search in two ways. If you already know the dates when you are in Budapest, check out the calendar to find specific events which are held on those days. The other way is to simply scroll down the page and find programs for yourself which appeal to you.
By clicking on a particular program, a new window will open with a detailed description.
With some programs we also offer package prices, which contains tickets for the given performance and one another program, one of them by discounted price.
We have chosen to offer you the Dinner & Cruise program (at 10 pm) at a discounted (student) price. The programs and services you choose will automatically appear at the bottom of each page.

Finally, before you are transferred to our cash-desk, you will see your total and have the chance to delete or to add programs to your list.
If you book student tickets, please bring your student card with you when you pick the tickets up (not necessary with package programs). Descriptions of performances, services and food are given by the organiser of the specific program or service, but Hungaria Koncert guarantees that you get high quality.

In case you have any questions, please contact us under [email protected] or phone/fax number: +36/1/317-13-77
If you are having problems with our online booking system please contact Ms Eva Simon ([email protected]) for assistance.

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... or you can choose programs directly.
Simply scroll down the page and find programmes for yourself which appeal to you. Program is made so that the tickets for the each program should separatly be added to the list of your bookings. In case of booking in the same time tickets for the adults and students, please take care that you fill for both the tickets in the same category.

Jewish Cultural Heritage in Budapest - Grand Tour
Adults: pcs
Students: pcs
Jewish Cultural Heritage in Budapest - Essential Tour
Adults: pcs
Students: pcs

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